Renewable Energy

Wind Turbine turns above red clover cover crop.

Each summer evening, as warm air rises over the Willamette Valley, ocean-cooled air rushes through a low point in Oregon’s Coast Range and washes over our vineyard.  The warm days and cool nights create the perfect climate for Pinot Noir.  The same winds that help to create world-class wines are also harnessed to provide us with electricity.  With the help from Energy Trust of Oregon, the Oregon Department of Agriculture and the USDA, we were the first vineyard in Oregon to install a Xzeres 10 kW wind turbine to supply our electricity.  The wind turbine, combined with more than 60 acres of forest, allow us to be better than carbon-neutral!  The wind turbine also helps support our mission:  Care for the Land, Make Exceptional Wine, Enjoy the Journey.

More is Better

As we expand operations, we would like to implement even more renewable energy solutions, including micro-hydro electricity and solar panels on our winery.