Forest and Streams

Seventy-four acres of our forest and riparian areas are managed under a Conservation Stewardship Program.  This program works to create cleaner water, improved air quality, better habitat for wildlife and reduced soil erosion.

The combination of forest, open areas created for vineyard and streams provide ideal habitat for wildlife.  This benefits the vineyard in many ways and provides an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) system.  In the winter, we open gates to allow deer and coyotes access to the vineyard.  The deer mow the cover crop and provide fertilizer, while the coyotes keep the rodent population in check.  Hawks and owls nest in the surrounding forest and feed on the voles (field mice) in the vineyard.  Dams built by beavers slow the runoff, raise the water table, and create ponds for other wildlife.  Following certified-sustainable farming practices as well as conservation reserve programs promotes balance across the ecosystem of our entire property.

Picnic Rock

Each year in late summer we pack a picnic and eat on a large flat rock in the middle of King Creek – Picnic Rock.  Most of the year it is covered by whitewater, but by August it is a perfect picnic site.  We hope that our visitors may want to bring a picnic and hike along one of the three creeks that flow through our property.