From the moment that we met, we have agreed about the importance of family – both nuclear and extended.  Although we grew up in families that were quite different in many aspects, our core beliefs were the same.  To us, winemaking is just a way to make a living; the family is life.  We hope that we can instill these values in our own children.

Hunter, Kristjan, Claire, Kaitlyn & our dog Thor

Kaitlyn – college student majoring in Bio-Chemistry.  Works part-time in a horticulture lab.
Kristjan (Kris) – high school.  Loves football, wrestling and ultimate-frisbee.  Great sense of humor.
Claire – middle school.  Involved in a variety of sports, music and drama.  Actively seeking new clients for her babysitting  business.
Hunter – elementary school.  Plays piano, wrestles and gives the best hugs in the family.  Spends all of his free time exploring the creeks and woodlands on our farm.

Growing Pains

As parents, one of the most gratifying aspects of our family is how well our children get along with each other.  However, as each new baby was introduced to the older siblings, it wasn’t exactly love at first sight.  When Claire went to the hospital to see her new baby brother, she announced, “He’s cute…, but I don’t think they’re going to keep him.”