Our Passion for Wine

Our passion for wine has grown out of an interest in many things.  We love to grow and prepare quality food.  We love to travel and meet new people.   We love to work with our hands and be outside.  We love to learn.  Growing grapes and making wine embodies all these interests in a special way.

Simple Beginnings

Leftover wine from our wedding became the start of our cellar.

Our passion for Pinot Noir probably began in 1989 when we went to purchase wine for our wedding.  We asked the Wine Steward how many cases of White Zinfandel we should buy for 150 guests.  The  Wine Steward tactfully encouraged us to purchase a number of different varieties so that all of our guests might find something appealing.  After the wedding, the leftover wine became the start of our cellar.  Over time, we gravitated to Pinot Noir as our favorite varietal.